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    5kW Solar System Queensland, Brisbane

    The 5kW solar system is enjoying increasing popularity and offers incredible performance for your money. Investing in a solar system is a big decision. Then you want to make sure you choose the right one. T The solar system chosen for medium to large homes. The cost per kilowatt is the most economical of all solar systems.

    Benefits of 5kw Solar Power System

    • Costs can be paid back within as little as 4 years
    • No maintenance or ongoing cost
    • Guaranteed to last at least 25 years with an estimated lifespan of 40 years
    • Can save you as much as max $350 per electricity bill cycle
    • It would add more value to the home it is installed on

    5kw Solar Power System

    Brisbane Solar Panel have special installation offers for solar panel systems in Brisbane, Australia. The amount of savings a client makes depends on their location and their individual circumstances.

    How much power 5kw panel system generate?

    On average, a 5kW solar system of good quality produces 22 units per day, enough to balance the total energy consumption of a typical Australian home.

    Depending a number of factors, the actual power output of a 5kW solar power system will vary. These factors include:

    1. The amount of sunlight that is exposed to your solar panels
      The intensity of sunlight (depends on where you live)
      The orientation and inclination of your 5 kW solar system (optimized by your solar installer)
    2. The number of hours of light (depending on where you live)
    3. Either shade over your solar cells (due to buildings, trees, etc.)
    4. Does intermittent shading hide direct sunlight from the ceiling?
    5. How big are the solar cells and how efficient are the solar cells in the conversion of energy?
    6. The amount of sunshine hours compared to cloudy days (depending on the area where you live)

    How much 5kw Solar Panel cost ?

    Solar panels of 5kW at a Price varies from $3500 to $ 8,000 depend on quality and output. Although there are cheaper systems available, you always get what you pay for. Staying within this price range ensures that you buy a good solar system.

    In addition to the price, you should also consider the protection of the warranty. Things can, and sometimes go wrong, so make sure your solar system is protected with an Australian warranty and support. Each 5 kW solar system sold by us comes with both: this is the only way to guarantee that you get the most out of your investment.

    How much money I can save?

    A 5 kW solar system in Brisbane can save up to $ 350- $400 per  per electricity bill cycle. Your savings vary based on your electricity bill and the amount of solar energy you can consume at home. Many homes are now adding solar batteries to store excess solar energy for use at night. This increases your energy independence and maximizes the benefits of your solar system.
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